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The digital currency Bitcoin breaks one record after another. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency the price of the “digital coin” to astronomical levels is shot – but is also subject to enormous fluctuations. All information about Bitcoin in the news ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Madness continues: Bitcoin cracks 20,000 dollar mark
December 13, Wednesday, 13h30: The Bitcoin hype knows apparently no limits: On Sunday afternoon, the digital currency cracked the 20,000 dollar mark: The value of a Bitcoin unit reached more than 20,230 US dollars. This is more they published it on onlinebetrug than twice as much as at the beginning of the month. Earlier this year, Bitcoin stood at 1,000 dollars.

The Bitcoin -Course fell on Thursday. At noon fell Bitcoin -Course to 13,780.25 US dollars, after being traded at 15,506.44 US dollars the previous day.

In addition, the reduced Bitcoin Cash -Course to 2,325.25 US dollars, after he had stood at 2,714.10 dollars the previous day.

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The Ethereum -Course went to 680.48 US dollars back. Thus the subverted Ethereum the state from click here the previous day of 740.18 US dollars.
The price of digital currency Litecoin has fallen on Thursday at 235.48 US dollars. The day before, the price of digital currency was valued at 264.00 US dollars.